Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Free Libraries for Hipster Literacy

The other day I was walking around mid-city when I ran into this:

This person's actual house was very colorful

This box and many others like it contain books that are free for you to borrow - no late fees, library cards or interactions with people. The brainchild of Hudson, Wisconsin social entrepreneur Tod Bol, Little Free Libraries are one solution to promote literacy and community. These little libraries can be found in Canada, Mexico, Australia and even Afghanistan. The goal of the movement is to surpass the number of libraries built by white beard aficionado and really rich dude Andrew Carnegie (a record 2,510).

I think he likes you
My two cents:

  • Not sure if just putting books in a box in front of your house will genuinely lead to higher levels of literacy. Perhaps donating your time or money to book clubs and public school might be a more plausible strategy. I do believe it a great strategy to increase hipster and yuppie DIY skills. 
  • The boxes are cool-looking and I think it is a good way of making other people think you don't vote republican without a gaudy sign. 

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  1. Hey Felipe, this is an amazing pick you have there. And Again I loved the meme there lol. The Hipster Library is an amazing concept.